Quickstart Steps

1) Install Go 1.8+

2) Install Ponzu CLI:

$ go get github.com/ponzu-cms/ponzu/…

3) Create a new project (path is created in your GOPATH):

$ ponzu new github.com/nilslice/reviews

4) Enter your new project directory:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/nilslice/reviews

5) Generate content type file and boilerplate code (creates content/review.go):

$ ponzu generate content review title:"string" author:"string" rating:"float64" body:"string":richtext website_url:"string" items:"[]string" photo:string:file`

6) Build your project:

$ ponzu build

7) Run your project with defaults:

$ ponzu run

8) Open browser to http://localhost:8080/admin


  • One-time initialization to set configuration
  • All fields can be changed in Configuration afterward