Ponzu provides a set of interfaces from the system/search package to enable and customize full-text search access to content in your system. Search is not enabled by default, and must be enabled per Content type individually.



Searchable determines how content is indexed and whether the system should index the content when it is created and updated or be removed from the index when content is deleted.

Search is disabled for all Content items by default. Each Content item that should be indexed and searchable must implement the search.Searchable interface.

Method Set
type Searchable interface {
    SearchMapping() (*mapping.IndexMappingImpl, error)
    IndexContent() bool

By default, Ponzu sets up the Bleve's "default mapping", which is typically what you want for most content-based systems. This can be overridden by implementing your own SearchMapping() (*mapping.IndexMappingImpl, error) method on your Content type.

This way, all you need to do to get full-text search is to add the IndexContent() bool method to each Content type you want search enabled. Return true from this method to enable search.

// ...

type Song struct {

    Name string `json:"name"`
    // ...

func (s *Song) IndexContent() bool {
    return true

Indexing Existing Content

If you previously had search disabled and had already added content to your system, you will need to re-index old content items in your CMS. Otherwise, they will not show up in search queries.. This requires you to manually open each item and click 'Save'. This could be scripted and Ponzu might ship with a re-indexing function at some point in the fututre.