Ponzu provides a read-only HTTP API to search the contents of your system's database. Full-text search is made possible by the use of Bleve, which handles the indexing and querying.


Search Content

GET /api/search?type=<Type>&q=<Query String>

Search must be enabled individually for each Content type

  • Search is not on by default to protect your data in case it shouldn't be indexed and published via the API.
  • SearchMapping() is implemented with default mapping (ideal for 99% of use cases).
  • To enable search, add a IndexContent() bool method to your content type and return true (default implementation returns false).
  • <Type> must implement db.Searchable

  • Search is currently limited to single <Type> per request

  • <Query String> documentation here: Bleve Docs - Query String

  • Search results are formatted exactly the same as standard Content API calls, so you don't need to change your client data model

  • Search handler will respect other interface implementations on your content, including:

Sample Response
  "data": [
        "uuid": "024a5797-e064-4ee0-abe3-415cb6d3ed18",
        "id": 6,
        "slug": "item-id-024a5797-e064-4ee0-abe3-415cb6d3ed18", // customizable
        "timestamp": 1493926453826, // milliseconds since Unix epoch
        "updated": 1493926453826,
        // your content data...,