Extending Content

Extending your Content types with more features and functionality within the system is done by implementing the various built-in interfaces provided by Ponzu. To learn more about interfaces, see A Tour of Go - Interfaces.

It is also common to add more advanced functionality to Content types using Addons. Refer to the Addon documentation for more information about how to use and create Ponzu Addons.

Item Interfaces

All Content types which embed an item.Item will implicitly implement its many interfaces. In Ponzu, the following interfaces are exported from the system/item package and have a default implementation which can be overridden to change your content types' functionality within the system.

API Interfaces

To enable 3rd-party clients to interact with your Content types, you can extend your types with the API interfaces:

Editor Interfaces

To manage how content is edited and handled in the CMS, use the following Editor interfaces:

Search Interfaces

To enable and customize full-text search on your content types, use the following interfaces: