Ponzu provides a set of interfaces from the management/format package which determine how content data should be converted and formatted for exporting via the Admin interface.



CSVFormattable controls if an "Export" button is added to the contents view for a Content type in the CMS to export the data to CSV. If it is implemented, a button will be present beneath the "New" button per Content type.

Method Set
type CSVFormattable interface {
    FormatCSV() []string
func (p *Post) FormatCSV() []string {
    // []string contains the JSON struct tags generated for your Content type 
    // implementing the interface
    return []string{

FormatCSV() []string

Just like other Ponzu content extension interfaces, like Push(), you will return the JSON struct tags for the fields you want exported to the CSV file. These will also be the "header" row in the CSV file to give titles to the file columns. Keep in mind that all of item.Item's fields are available here as well.